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The process undertaken to arrange, settle, and manage one’s assets in preparations for one’s possible incapacity or passing away.

A relationship agreement for fiduciary purposes where one (a trustor or grantor) surrenders their rights, titles, property, etc. to another (the trustee) who must then use these new additions to solely aid and benefit the trustor/grantor.

A formal document that details one’s last wishes, plans, and final settlement of assets to be set into effect in the event of one’s passing.

The ability for a person to act as and make decisions for and on the behalf of another person. This document is valid even if you are incapacitated.

This document entails one’s wishes for receiving medical care- may include a durable power of attorney or a living will.

This document states one’s medical decisions, treatments, plans, etc. Basically it includes what a person would and would not want to endure medically at end of life.

An area of law that deals with the legal relationship between a person (a guardian) who is court appointed to make decisions for another (a ward), who does not have capacity to make their own decisions.

This specifically pertains to the dealings of minors and their appointed guardians.

This specifically pertains to the dealings of incapacitated elders and their appointed guardians.

A longer process in comparison to a probate-summary administration where one is formally supervised by a judge in the settling a decedent’s estate

A shorter probate process in comparison to a probate-summary administration used for smaller estates, and such

A process where one seeks to contest a probate (the distribution of one’s assets after passing)

the management of everything encompassed by a trust

Where one permanently transfers certain assets in into a trust and cannot be owner of the assets

Trusts usually outline and detail how trustees may resign from aforementioned trust

The nomination of a one who can represent a beneficiary, acting as receiver, reporter, and such.

A document used to legitimize as well as act as proof of a trust’s existence.

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