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Brian Wilson Post Commentary, given Hallie Zobel’s skill sets

For Perspective: For the Beach Boys fans out there, by now you have heard that Brian Wilson, having recently lost his wife a short while ago, has dementia. Apparently, his wife was his main caregiver, providing for all his health, food, clothing needs. His representatives are filing with the court to be his co-conservators. In […]

Demystifying Probate in Florida: Essential Guidance for Families

Understanding the probate process in Florida is crucial for families dealing with the administration of their loved one’s estate. In this article, we’ll explore key considerations for families when navigating probate matters in the state of Florida. Understanding Florida Probate Laws: Probate in Florida is governed by the Florida Probate Code, detailed in Chapters 731 […]

Navigating Guardianship and Elder Law in Florida: Key Considerations for Families

For those navigating the complexities of guardianship and elder law in Florida, understanding the process is crucial. With a growing elderly population, it’s essential for families to grasp the ins and outs of guardianship. In this article, we’ll explore important considerations for anyone involved in guardianship cases in the state of Florida. Understanding Florida’s Guardianship […]

Law Moment Podcast

Law Moment Podcast 12 Videos Law Moment EP1: How To Select An Attorney 7:24 Law Moment EP2: Your House is Your Castle 9:38 Law Moment EP3: Requirement for a Last Will and Testament 6:52 Law Moment EP4: Probate Without Going To Court 4:05 Law Moment EP5: How To Transfer A Car Title After A Death […]

How To Select An Attorney For Your Business

So you and your best friend have decided to start a business. It will be great; he has so many terrific ideas. But, you need an attorney, to start off on the right foot. How do you select your attorney? Do you call them up and ask them” how much does it cost”? Do you compare […]